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The Dreaded Passive Voice

The Dreaded Passive Voice Self-Editing for the Know-It-All Author – Post #3 As an ESL teacher, who teaches grammar every day, and an author of several books, I believed I knew my grammar inside out. When I wrote the romantic comedy, The Hockey Player & the Angel, I had several of my English teacher associates […]

Self-editing for the Know-It-All Author: Reducing Prepositional Phrases

Self-editing for the Know-It-All Author Reducing Prepositional Phrases Has an editor or critique partner recommended you tighten your sentences? Have you wondered how when you edited to the bare bones? Think again. You may have a case of surplus prepositional phrases. Deleting them won’t damage the beauty and flow of your well-thought and over-revised sentences […]

Descriptive Writing and the Five Senses

 Adding Descriptive Layers to Your Writing Writing comes to life through the descriptions authors present. Readers are engaged when those descriptions draw them into the scene. But most authors rely only on the visual to describe. This makes for a one-dimensional scene that excludes the reader. Adding sounds, smells, tastes, and touch to narrative can turn […]

Writing the Action Scene

Cranking Up the Action An action scene isn’t just a car chase in an espionage novel, a sword fight in a historical, or even a hot and heavy sex scene in a romance. An action scene is any scene that needs the pace cranked up to its most intense level to build tension, deliver emotional […]

Immediacy in Writing Genre

Giving the Moment to Your Readers To read a novel is to experience a character’s highs and lows and everything in between. To be carried away into the make-believe world of an author’s imagination. To experience what you would never experience and in ways never imagined. Yet some authors steal these joys from their readers […]

Characterization through Dialogue

Using Dialogue to Build Characterization Have you ever overheard a conversation while sitting at a coffee shop or on a bus? Without looking at the people speaking, have you been able to pick up on their personality traits, educational levels, ages, social circles, etc.? The answer is probably yes. This should work the same when […]