Calendar Men of King Court Series

Written as Kirsten Paul

The Hockey Player
& the Angel

Katrina Sherrer should have left Marc Johansen out in the cold. That’s where she’s headed if she can’t convince the NHL all-star defenseman determined to buy the family-owned Acadia Inn to make renovations as opposed to tearing it down and building a housing complex. But the gods of blizzards and power outages want to have fun. They strand Marc at the inn and Katrina in his room. Cognac, fireplaces, cold showers, wrong medication and scones need to work their magic to prove that Marc can be more than Katrina’s arch enemy and business is not all about money.

Release Date: July 22, 2019

Former burglar on demand, Emily Atterberry has left her life of crime behind. Or so she thinks until she stumbles on a piece of her past holding clues to her biological family’s identity. She feels guilty but steals it, hoping it will lead to the answers she is searching for. Detective Armand Lecavalier is investigating recent luxury car thefts and is convinced Emily knows more than she’s saying. He needs to find out what she knows to prove to the big-time police precincts he’s more than just a small-town officer. Thrown together, Emily and Armand find it hard to remain professional. All they want to do is have fun—with and without handcuffs. But can Armand look past his code of conduct for love or is Emily facing time behind bars??

Release Date: July 13, 2020

The Detective
& the Burglar