Once upon a time in a far distance galaxy made up of nobles, commoners, witches, detectives, heroes who decorate cakes and get broken hearts, heroine thrill-seekers, who don’t decorate cakes or want to get broken hearts—okay, now you know I love to read and watch historical fiction, action/adventure, mystery, fantasy, science fiction, and of course, romance. But, I also love to write them.

If you’re a fan of action/adventure and mystery/suspense with a good shot of romance thrown in, then you’ll love the Vatican Archaeological Service series. The first book, Moses & Mac pits my unassuming but determined heroine and her crew of inept wannabe agents against greedy evil-doers. Everyone is searching for biblical artifacts with powers of good, evil and everything in between. Now available online.

What do I do when I’m not writing? By day I teach English as a Second Language to newcomer adults. At night, and in between writing, I review books for the Historical Novels Society. I also have a much-neglected blog on the craft of writing genres. Soon I’m going to start it up again with a new series on Self-Editing for the Know-It-All Author.